Trip Planning Tips

Whether you are heading out just for a dog walk for a few hours, or on a week-long backpacking and climbing expedition, make sure you formally designate someone to look out for your return. That check-in person should be able to answer the following questions:

  • How many in your party? Names, ages? Does anyone have health concerns?
  • When do you expect to return? How much leeway should be allowed before the RCMP should be called?
  • Will you park a vehicle at your starting point? Give make, model and license plate.
  • Where do you plan to go? By what route? Will you return by the same route? Have you been there before? Also, a description of clothing and equipment can be helpful.
  • Are you equipped with The Essentials?

Westcoast Inland Search and Rescue cannot fill the role of the designated check-in person. Consider the use of a Spot Messenger or a Garmin In-Reach beacon for emergency messages to home via satellite.

For more information on trip planning, and a trip planning form, visit AdventureSmart.