Volunter With Westcoast Inland SAR

Westcoast Inland Search and Rescue is a volunteer run organization which relies on volunteers who have completed Ground Search and Rescue certifications through the Justice Institute of BC.

Do you need a job, you should apply to Search and Rescue… They are always looking for people!

We are available to assist people requiring assistance in wilderness situations 24/7, 365 days out of the year. If this is something that interests you check out this great checklist to see if you would be a good fit:

1) Are you able to be available on short notice?
2) Are you willing to go out in all weather to assist people in wilderness situations?
3) Is your social network supportive of you changing plans abruptly to respond to a call out?
4) Can you commit to attending training? Our Ground Search and Rescue course (minimum qualification) is 90 hours of training over 6 (ish) months.
5) Are you physically fit? Able to handle elements?
6) Are you a good team player?
7) Can you take instruction from leaders? Use communications tools in a prompt and respectful manner?
8) Do you know the local geography? Do you have experience in it?
9) Can you prioritize?
10) Can you work with a diverse range of people – distressed, injured, young, old, differently-abled?

Westcoast Inland Search and Rescue (WISAR) accepts applications for new members in training on an ongoing basis. Please email us your completed application and one of our board directors will respond as soon as they can.


How to Apply:

Download and complete application form:


Submit application to: