The effectiveness and efficiency of a search depends on the ability of a incident command team to make good decisions.  The search base must be located close to the search so the search manager can interview family, witnesses, and search-team leaders before and after their assignments.  The search incident command team must be able to view maps, keep records, and conduct interviews in a setting that is sheltered from the elements.

WISAR currently has no dedicated vehicles to act as a search base.  Up until recently searches have operated out of buildings, cars or response vehicles borrowed from other agencies.  The west coast of Vancouver Island receives an average of 3 metres of rain per year.  Much of Clayoquot Sound is inaccessible by road.  We identified the need for a portable SAR Command Base Shelter that can be transported by trailer, boat, or air as required.

With support from the NIF program and from a Direct Access Grant from the Province of British Columbia WISAR is developing a mobile command base consisting of tents, generators and other portable equipment that can be rapidly mobilized and set up on site. We are in the process of acquiring two equipment trailers, one to be based in Tofino and one in Ucluelet, for rapid deployment of the search base components.