WISAR has the standard 1:50 000 National Topographic Service (NTS) maps of its area and some forest development plan maps, but has had no continuous, detailed, map coverage of its response area.  Two members of WISAR have expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 

Federal and Provincial Governments and private forest companies have orthophoto (air photo) coverage of WISAR’s area of operation.  With financial support from NIF and donation of data from the Province of British Columbia (MSRM Base Mapping and Geomatics Group) and private companies including Interfor Forest Products and Iisaak Forest Resources, WISAR is assembling a Geographic Information System (GIS) SAR Atlas.  This atlas includes a collection of GIS Maps, ready to be printed at any time from a portable command base.  The package includes two laptop computers, one focused on GIS, the other focused on ICS information management.  Each computer would act as a backup to increase fault tolerance of the system.  The GIS will also be used to produce pre-printed area maps that can be used without a computer.

GIS software has been provided by EmerGeo Solutions Inc. and ESRI for the manipulation of GIS data and for its active use during searches. We have found the 1 meter orthophoto coverage of our area exceptionally useful in planning and searches.